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I offer a range of bespoke website design services.

New Websites

Starting from scratch or with design in mind, I can manage the whole process to get you started with your brand new website

Responsive Design

All new websites are designed “responsively” – I design them to adapt dynamically to different devices (laptop, mobile, tablet)

Integrated Marketing

Business cards, fliers, logos etc are part of marketing. I can provide you with marketing materials that match your website

Hosting and Domains

I provide help and assistance with setting up with a host and domain name, whether for the first time or transferring from other host providers


Reskin / Rebrand

Existing website in need of a reskin / rebrand / restructure? Whether re-using existing content and changing the look and feel, or a complete re-haul of website – I can help



Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – I can provide guidance and assistance in setting up your website to improve its SEO


WordPress Training

Having a WordPress site means you can edit your content after your site has gone live. I provide support and training in using WordPress


Broken website? Needing updates? I can help with updating your website, sorting out backups (and recovery)


Existing website needing a few updates? Without the need for a whole new website I can make minor changes to existing websites

How can I help? Below are some of the typical enquiries that clients make.

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I need a website but I don’t know where to begin. What should it look like? What should it include?

You want a new website? The first thing I do, after taking a few key details over the phone, is arrange a meeting. This is a FREE meeting, with no obligation. It’s a chance for us to discuss your need for a website (whether for business presence, advertising etc). Typically, we look at the following:

  • Domain name, otherwise known as the ‘URL’ or web address of your website. Do you want a .com, or other? What makes a suitable domain name for your business? Is it available?
  • Content on your website – what pages, what words, what images or videos? If you want others to find your website (via Google and other search engines) then content is key. In other words, you want good “Search Engine Optimisation” (SEO for short). It is important that your website contains the information that your visitors want to see.
  • Updating content – Do you want the ability to update your own content after set up? This could be to update the services you offer, changes to prices, or it could be to post news. If you have a blog elsewhere (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) then your website can read this information automatically. With the tools I use to create websites, YOU can be in control of YOUR content.
  • Layout – what colours reflect your business (or whatever content your website is for)? Are you looking for something corporate? Perhaps you want something clean and simple, or maybe you are after more vibrant use of colour? This depends on the nature of your website, and of course it can depend on you. Do you want your website to be a reflection of who you are?
  • Examples – sometimes the best way to identify what you are looking for is to look at other websites. Not just those that show what you like, but also the websites that you dislike. These could be ones related to your business (aka the competition) or something completely different. This can be a very useful way to figure out what you want your website to look like.

Isn’t it easy setting up a website these days? Just click a few buttons and you have your own website?!

Nowadays there are a lot of tools, quite often free, that allow anyone to create their own website. After registering with a provider to host your website, they often have ’one button’ installs for building it. These built-in ’website builders’ are often very restrictive, allowing you very little choice as to layouts and colours. If you don’t mind the formats they offer then this might work for you.

Alternatively, most host providers offer WordPress free to install. WordPress is an example of a ’content management system’ (CMS) that separates content from the layout of the pages. It allows you to easily make changes to your content as and when you require. It also offers a vast array of ’themes’, created by many other companies / individuals. These enable you to determine the layout of your website (independent of the content). Some of these themes are free, but with limited functionality. There is often enticements to upgrade to a paid version for more features / flexibility in the theme.

I use WordPress as my preferred CMS tool as there is plenty of support with updates and new features. If you do not feel comfortable setting up your own website using WordPress then I can step in. I can identify an appropriate theme to match the layout that you are looking for in your website. Although there are themes out there that will closely match what you are looking for, they quite often fall short. This is where I come in. I use code (techy stuff!) to alter a theme, shaping it to produce your preferred layout. Perhaps the right shade of green you are looking for, perhaps to make the logo bigger? Change the fonts, add background pictures, animations, alter how the menu is laid out? My experience means I can set up your site, just how YOU want it.

I already have a website but it’s looking a bit jaded.

I can work with your current website, analysing what we can do to refresh the site. If all it needs is some simple cosmetic changes, I can make those for you.

If it requires an overhaul, I would typically look to set up your website using WordPress. I can manage the porting of the content from your existing site, over to the new version. Updates will normally be done on a backup, with a quick switch when ready.

I have some ideas how I want my website to look, but I am stuck on how to start.
I can provide guidance on setting up your website. This could be to set up the host provider and domain registration. Maybe assistance to get a ‘vanilla’ version of the site ready, so that you can then work on the rest. Of course, if you want some help with the site after that, I can also step in.
We have a website already and just need a few tweaks to the content.
Whatever tools were used to set your site, I can make minor changes to the words / pictures. With my experience with various underlying code (e.g. PHP, CSS, HTML) I will look to make the changes to your website seamlessly.
Our website is fine, but each time I need to make a small change I have to pay someone. I wish I could edit the information about my business as and when I need to.

That is the beauty of WordPress, a CMS (Content Management System) tool that gives you full control of your content. You can easily change the content, and your layout if you so wish, after your site is live.
If you so choose, I can turn your existing website into a similar one using WordPress. Typically this would take longer than making a few changes here and there to your content. But this investment in time would pay dividends when it allows you to make your own changes to your website. At any time you want.

Do you offer your web design services remotely?
Although based in Warwick,UK, I can set up your website, hosting it wherever required. Phone, Skype, or similar tools, are alternative methods for design meetings, and to discuss your website at various stages.
I can’t get my business cards to match my website!
There is often a disparity between a website and the business cards someone has. I offer an additional service to make business cards to match your website. I can provide you with a template design to upload to the printing company of your choice. Alternatively, I can arrange the printing and have them delivered direct to your door.
Will my website work on a mobile?
In today’s world people look up information on the internet in many different ways. We use various devices of different screen-sizes: desktop, mobile, tablet etc. Limiting the capability of accessing your website from various sources makes no business sense. So of course, I always design ’responsive’ websites — i.e. they will adapt based on the current screen size.