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Thank you Nicola! I highly recommend Smiling Panda Web Design.

Smiling Panda Web Design - website design for Paula Jones Yoga

Paula Jones Yoga

Smiling Panda Web Design created a website for my yoga teaching business. My aim was to provide information on yoga, my classes and me for new yoga students, more as an online ‘information leaflet’ than an advertisement, as my classes are at a yoga studio, that’s how new students tend to find me and I’m happy with that. I didn’t have my own yoga website beforehand. I had several meetings with Nicola over the course of the project and she had a clear, structured process, allowing me to set the pace to fit in with my other commitments and helpfully reminding me of actions and deadlines agreed. She delivered all the functions I requested and helped me to decide what to include and the overall ‘look’, including colours and fonts and the impression they give. She gave me very useful advice about web hosting, which package I needed and when to sign up, and fitted in with my desire to use an environmentally friendly provider. She also gave me very helpful suggestions about promoting my website. She was always prompt in getting back to me and responding to my requests; overall I found the whole process very smooth and it was a pleasure working with her. Some of the comments I’ve received on the finished site:

Your website looks lovely.

The site looks great.

I really love your website, its design, layout, fonts and text, Nicola did an excellent job.
The website is amazing, really professional and beautifully natural.

Thank you Nicola! I highly recommend Smiling Panda Web Design. Feel free to contact me (details are on my website) if you’d like to talk to me about my experience of Smiling Panda.

Paula Jones

Paula came to me with a fairly clear sense of the content she wanted in her website, a list of other websites she liked and didn’t like, and some ideas of the overall colour scheme. I set her up a website that pulled together all her ideas, along with photos that she provided of herself at work. The end result is a relaxing website that reflects her yoga business, and provides visitors with all the key information they want to find out.

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